Laurence Sellin, Big Pharma, Big Drama - Managing is not a game,
Second volume of the Yanaël Marceau's Investigations trilogy.
Available on Amazon in British English as detective novel
and in American English as thriller - December 2023.

In September 2020, three years after The Soufflot Street case, Lauriane Emans returns to Paris to take up a job as a transcriber of meetings at the French subsidiary of an American laboratory specialising in research and development in innovative health technologies. Will she manage to fit in at the company? Given her special personality, nothing is less certain!

In May 2022, Benjamin Marshall, a freelance press correspondent in Paris for American newspapers, is shot dead in cold blood as he is leaving his home in the Fourteenth District to go to the scene of a report.

In December 2023, Arnaud Wagram, a disillusioned psychiatrist from Toulouse, in the South of France, decides to unscrew his plaque after just twenty years in private practice, and he takes the opportunity to tell the story of how he has come to such an extreme action.

What is the link between these three stories? That’s what the team of the Third Judicial Police Department, in charge of investigating this mysterious case, will have to find out.

Managing errors and breaches of medical ethics are not the only surprises awaiting Yanaël Marceau, now an inspector, and his superior, Cédric Zandowski, now a commander. Moreover, during their investigation, they will have to deal with the political pressure of the French president’s state visit to the United States, scheduled for December 2022, just a few months after the assassination of Benjamin Marshall, the only American citizen to be shot dead on French territory since the end of World War II.

Working as a small team, will our two investigators manage to solve this case in time and in a way that doesn’t jeopardise diplomatic relations between France and the United States? And what will become of Lauriane Emans and Arnaud Wagram at the end of the story?

These are the answers you will find out by reading this second instalment of Yanaël Marceau’s investigations, written from several different points of view.


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